ドローン基板名刺の作り方&飛ばし方 / How to make & fly a drone board business card


これは秘密の記事です。名刺に個人情報が乗っており検索避けしてますので共有はご遠慮ください。 完成したら追加します。お楽しみに。

Firmware is currently under development. Will be released as soon as completed. For now, the BOM and schematics are available.

This is a secret article. Please do not share it, as my personal information is on my business card and I avoid searches. I will add it when it is completed. Please look forward to it.


Item Qty Reference(s) Value Footprint 備考
1 1 C1 DNP Capacitor_SMD:C_0603_1608Metric
2 10 C2, C5, C7, C8, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14 0.1u Capacitor_SMD:C_0603_1608Metric お好みで
3 3 C3, C4, C6 10u Capacitor_SMD:C_0603_1608Metric お好みで
4 1 D1 MBR0520 Diode_SMD:D_SOD-123 SS2040など
5 1 D2 blue LED_SMD:LED_0603_1608Metric お好みで
6 2 D3, D4 red LED_SMD:LED_0603_1608Metric お好みで
7 1 D5 green LED_SMD:LED_0603_1608Metric お好みで
8 4 D6, D7, D8, D9 1N4148W Diode_SMD:D_SOD-123 https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g107084/
9 1 FB1 FerriteBead Inductor_SMD:L_0603_1608Metric https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g104053/
10 1 J1 LIPO JST PH https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g112802/
11 1 J2 DNP Connector_PinSocket_1.27mm:PinSocket_1x03_P1.27mm_Vertical 拡張用
16 1 P1 USB_C_Plug_USB2.0 Connector_USB:USB_C_Receptacle_HCTL_HC-TYPE-C-16P-01A https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g114356/
17 1 Q1 AO3401A Package_TO_SOT_SMD:SOT-23 https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g114654/
18 3 Q2, Q3, Q4 MMBT3904 Package_TO_SOT_SMD:SOT-23 https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g105969/
19 4 Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8 AO3400A Package_TO_SOT_SMD:SOT-23 https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g114653/
20 2 R1, R2 2.2k Resistor_SMD:R_0603_1608Metric お好みで
21 15 R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R11, R12, R14, R15, R21, R22, R26, R27 10k Resistor_SMD:R_0603_1608Metric お好みで
22 1 R10 5.1k Resistor_SMD:R_0603_1608Metric お好みで
23 9 R13, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R23, R24, R25 1k Resistor_SMD:R_0603_1608Metric お好みで
24 2 SW1, SW2 SKRPACE010 module:SKRPACE010 https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g106185/
25 1 U1 ADP3338AKCZ-3.3 Package_TO_SOT_SMD:SOT-223-3_TabPin2 https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g112635/
26 1 U2 ESP32-WROOM-32E RF_Module:ESP32-WROOM-32E https://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/g115675/
27 1 U3 MPU-6050 Sensor_Motion:InvenSense_QFN-24_4x4mm_P0.5mm https://www.mouser.jp/ProductDetail/TDK-InvenSense/MPU-6050?qs=u4fy%2FsgLU9O14B5JgyQFvg%3D%3D
28 1 U4 FT231XQ Package_DFN_QFN:QFN-20-1EP_4x4mm_P0.5mm_EP2.5x2.5mm https://www.digikey.jp/ja/products/detail/ftdi-future-technology-devices-international-ltd/FT231XQ-R/3029140